Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mikael Akerfeldt of Opeth

hey everyone. this is the latest in my thesis focusing on portraits of musicians. mikael akerfeldt is the main song writer and singer/guitarist for the melodically-leaning but not "melodic" death metal (metal genres are a universe unto themselves). i wanted to set him up as prophetic and in control of what he is revealing to the viewer. i struggled a lot with the likeness (as with all likenesses) but i think, in the end, he is recognizable. comments and critique always welcome!


Craig said...

My favorite part of this is that i cant really think of something that's very similar to this. aka it's unique! I really like the handling of the transparencies, and the candle is sick. I'm not sure if the blue is helping anything though. i'd have to see it without it. Over all, well done!

B.Wallz said...

Dude, I'm really digging you're sense of light in this piece. The warms and the cool's, work very nicely. I also like you're compositional choice as far as the transparent screen as well. It helps bring the focus on your beautifully rendered face.

As far as things to pay attention to in the future. The drawing on his hands is noticeably off. The fingers look a little long in the hand closest to his face, and the wrist is not defined clearly. The drawing in the lower hand seems more proportional, but the hand can't be at that angle without the wrist being higher and more angled. Also the perspective for that hand is off. You should reference that.

All in all you've managed to create a pleasing space and I think you're work is becoming more unified.

Great job dude, keep it up!

despairigus said...

This is really cool. You do a lot of great things with layers and shapes in a lot of your work that I've seen, and this one utilizes it in a great way. I do want to mention that I didn't recognize that as a candle in his hand initially, probably because we can't see the top. But the way you treated it is freakin' beautiful (splatters can get tacky, but you really controlled it well).

Anonymous said...

I am charged by your work, especially this akerfeld dude.
critique is one thing, and im sure you get good critique. But i want you to know that your work shows many strong elements. I have your drawing of caleb downstairs on my drafting table while i dive into some drawing for the firemen panels. I have a lot of practicing to do. Importance of draftsmanship these days cannot be understated. So much crap out there, computer assisted bs...your work is fresh and quite clear. very nice. You might like my cousin Seth's surreal stuff.

David Capuzzo said...

what medium is this in?