Sunday, January 30, 2011

SpaceFace sketch

think I will be turning this into finished piece when I get some time.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Paintin' fer sellin'


So since my show at the newly-opened Scoops Westside was in fact, not, a sellout. I'm happy to announce that I'm putting up these 6 little beauts for sale! They come from my show entitled "My Darling, Andromeda" and all center around the idea of romanticism within knowledge and how we create meaning, to be brief. They are small, around 6in or 7in each. I'm selling them for $150 (a steal!!!) Please buy one! (not you Mom :D)

Nylon Guys

So I was lucky enough to work with Alex Chow over at Nylon Guys magazine recently for a piece games! I've been getting lucky with subject matter on most of my jobs and I hope it keeps up. Anyways, I'm going to be going through my basic process for this project.

The central focus of the article was about classic video games possibly being remade for current movement-based platforms like the Wii and the PS Move. My first idea focused on the idea of a video game factory that manufactured physical components of games - I chose Tetris specifically.

Alex didn't feel like there was enough emphasis on the actual movement associated with these new games and that my sketch seemed to be more about just re-making games so I tried out another idea.

This idea focused on a conductor deftly controlling a torrent of past video game characters/noticeable objects. Alex liked this one so I refined the idea.

From this point I dropped the sketch into PS and traced over it with some digital line work. Usually I prefer to have some trace of traditional media involved but the turnaround time was very short so I just stuck with the quicker approach. My process for this part is fairly straight forward digital coloring - a mixture of different layer properties for color effects, some textures, and some gradient action to push/pull emphasis. I can be more in depth about this part in the future if there is any interest.

Here's the final with a detail shot. Overall, I'm happy with how the piece turned out and it's always exciting to see your work in print. Thanks for reading!