Thursday, January 20, 2011

Paintin' fer sellin'


So since my show at the newly-opened Scoops Westside was in fact, not, a sellout. I'm happy to announce that I'm putting up these 6 little beauts for sale! They come from my show entitled "My Darling, Andromeda" and all center around the idea of romanticism within knowledge and how we create meaning, to be brief. They are small, around 6in or 7in each. I'm selling them for $150 (a steal!!!) Please buy one! (not you Mom :D)


Sarah, Three Boys said...

These are awesome! Hey do you want me to promote them on my blog? Let me know I am happy to. I have a lot of interior designers following.

Cousin Sarah

Cam Floyd said...

Sarah! That's very nice of you and I would definitely appreciate you putting them up on your site.

I need to explore your blog - hope you're well!


Sarah, Three Boys said...

k, I will put them up tonight!

Sarah, Three Boys said...

how big are these and what is your medium sir:)

Cam Floyd said...

They are about 6x7" or so each - medium is oil on laminated wood

Feash' said...

Incredible, incredible work! gonna follow you for sure!