Thursday, January 28, 2010

Heart of Darkness pt.1

Popped this baby out in just over a week so I could have it done for the SOI student comp. The image is only a cropping - since im designing book covers, the composition was intended to work either seeing the front or the back. Ideally, the full spread would work but it didn't quite have enough oompf to it so I decided to submit a cropping to SOI.

Next post I'll have the full spread, finished cover with type, and some detail shots.


Craig said...

That was an impressive turn over rate. awesome dude

Kali Ciesemier said...

Sweet! Nice rendering on the man and water especially, and I LOVE the graphic arrows on the water. My critique would be that for me it feels like there may be one too many separate elements going on? Like maybe the head should be rendered instead of an africa sticker, or maybe the background pattern should be more integrated? I'm not sure, but keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

water and the background are super fab. I don't mind that the head is an African map with the path of the river. Really cleaver and to the point. Helps you know what this story is about without any type. Clothes on the figure are super great too. I guess that is why the ship looks kind of off, is because it isn't really rendered, like the figure, and it isn't purely graphic like the head and background. I seem to remember from the book that it is like this super rusted and beat up steamer, right?? I guess I would like to see it either more graphic or more rendered. Excited to see the finished piece!