Wednesday, May 27, 2009

These were done for Drawing from the Masters with Mark Karnes. It was a great class that reaffirmed the importance of master copies. I find them to be pretty relaxing and I always feel like I've learned a lot when I'm done. The 2nd piece was done after the Nerdrum copy (1st picture). It was a kind of reinterpretation, I mostly focused on the texture and general composition. Both are Charcoal and a bit of pastel on BFK.


Nick Iluzada said...

i thoroughly enjoy these especially those slight bits of pastel

i do think the nose in the 2nd one is a little odd tho.

Nicole M said...

hey i don't think i ever saw these, they look really good =)

Cameron said...

super dope, i like your self portrait a lot, especially the little speckles flyin outchyo face