Sunday, July 5, 2009

Big Ol' Sketch Dump

Hey everybody. It has been too long, as usual. I've been really busy working on both sketches and some bigger pieces. The paintings are almost finished and should be up within a week or so. Also, i got twitter! ( Let me know if you're on twitter, I need to build up my good base of friends. Below are a some of the better pages from my sketchbook. I've almost finished this one up. Hope summer is going well!


L.B. said...

does that say "tarvuism" and "kelly polar"? do you keep a list of things niv bavarsky likes, too? hahaha

new stuff looks great dude.

Cam Floyd said...

i was visiting him and he told me about them

Nick Iluzada said...

i'm personally liking the angular stuff, abstract shapes and the awesome crayon/colored pencil markings.

really good stuff man. you are quite shitkicking me in productivity this summer.

Niv Bavarsky said...

love that drawing of willem
it's a very nice sketchbook

Michael Meredith said...

so you're a painting major now right?
nice shit. especially the third to last with the shoes.
your marks are getting darker btw. shoot the moon.

Art Art said...